PHNTX Sexual Health Podcast Returns with Episodes by New Hosts

Published: 01-29-2024 | 2 MIN READ | Author: Prism Health North Texas

The Community Engagement Team at Prism Health North Texas (PHNTX) has announced the return of its sexual health podcast, “Beneath the Briefs,” with a third season and new hosts. Beneath the Briefs is now hosted by Natassia Radford, Community Engagement Coordinator and is produced by Marquesse Banks, Community Engagement Manager, who will join Natassia on season three episodes. The podcast is recorded at PHNTX’s Worth Street Health Center in Dallas.

Season three of Beneath the Briefs will launch with three episodes:

  • Episode 1 to release Wednesday, January 31 will serve as an introduction to the show’s new hosts, discussions of current events, PHNTX services and teasers for the remainder of the season.
  • Episode 2 to release Wednesday, February 14 will focus on the theme of Valentine’s Day and National Condom Day, also annually February 14, with discussion of tips and information on accessing Nice Package, the organization’s free statewide condom delivery service.
  • Episode 3 to release Wednesday, February 28 will focus on HIV education as February 28 is also HIV Criminalization Awareness Day. The hosts will discuss updated statistics about HIV infection, addressing stigma, and accessing resources and community offered by PHNTX.

Programming for the podcast will focus on HIV awareness education and prevention while also incorporating other services the organization offers. Later in season three, resident experts on staff at PHNTX will appear on the show to discuss topics including accessing health insurance, oral health, and health tips directly from practitioners.

“We want Beneath the Briefs to continue to reach communities that may not have adequate access to health information and education, that may not have a primary care physician they can easily ask questions, or that may live in a more remote area without the tools to access either,” Radford said on her plans for the show’s impact. “We hope to produce content that is entertaining and informative for all of our audience. HIV care is an essential part of our work at Prism Health North Texas, we hope to share more about the services and great people who provide them that are available to the community.”

While season three will still address machismo and its impact on sexual health and education in the Latino community as was addressed in season two of Beneath the Briefs, the episodes will expand further on HIV awareness questions, sexual health questions, and stigmas presented by additional communities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

“Sexual health is always a hot topic and we want the show to take down some of the stigma around talking about these topics that may have only been discussed in textbooks or with elders or parents,” Banks said. “We aren’t afraid of answering the questions people really have whether or not they are embarrassing or seem like something you should already know. We hope the show will be a catalyst for productive and healthy conversations with our listeners and their partners, friends, and families.”

The Community Engagement Team is actively seeking sponsors and potential guests for future episodes of Beneath the Briefs. Those interested in learning more about sponsorship or appearance opportunities, or to submit questions to be discussed on future episodes may contact the team at [email protected].

Beneath the Briefs is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and most popular podcast platforms in addition to streaming on the PHNTX website at Episodes of season three will be uploaded to the PHNTX website in Spanish following the English episode release.

“Podcasts are a great way to reach audiences locally and globally as not only is there probably a podcast for every interest but the shows are also accessible and entertaining,” Radford added. “We look forward to becoming a regular part of people’s commutes, their workouts, conversations with friends and loved ones, and more.”

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