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MPV: Monkeypox Information and Symptoms

Last Updated: August 11, 2022

MPV (Monkeypox) Vaccines


ALL MPV vaccination appointment slots are currently filled, and the hotline is closed. We will reopen the hotline when new appointment slots are available.


PHNTX is now offering MPV vaccines to eligible individuals (eligibility information below). There are limited supplies of vaccines, and we do not know when more vaccines will be delivered. Continue checking back on this webpage for MPV vaccine updates.


How to Make an Appointment

Make an appointment by calling the PHNTX MPV Hotline at 469-802-2400.

If you called and left a message, someone will call you back in the order that we received your call. Given the high volume of calls received, it could take 4 – 5 business days for your call to be returned.

Please do not call the main Prism Health North Texas or individual health center phone numbers for MPV vaccine appointments.

Vaccination is by appointment only and can only be made by calling the MPV hotline. Walk-ins will not be accepted at this time.

Only a person with a scheduled appointment will be eligible to receive a vaccination.

Current patients of both Uptown Physicians Group and Prism Health North Texas will need to also call this line to schedule an appointment. Individual health centers will not have MPV vaccines.


MPV Vaccine Eligibility

Vaccination will only be provided for individuals meeting the following:

    • Persons who had close, intimate, skin-to-skin contact with someone who has tested positive for monkeypox,


    • People who meet all of the following criteria:
      • Are a gay, bisexual, or other men who has sex with men and/or are transgender, gender non-conforming, or gender non-binary;
      • Are age 18 or older, and;
      • Have had multiple or anonymous sex partners in the last 14 days

If you do not meet these criteria, please do not call to make an appointment, as you are not eligible to be vaccinated at this time.

Vaccination is not recommended for people with an MPV infection with a rash or lesion(s); if you recovered from an MPV infection, you are currently not eligible to be vaccinated.


Please continue to check this webpage for MPV vaccination updates.

About MPV (Monkeypox)

MPV is a rare infection, but cases are starting to pop up in several cities globally, including reported cases in Dallas. MPV is a virus very similar to smallpox, however, MPV symptoms are much less severe than smallpox. Transmission of MPV is typically linked to international travel or the international import of animals. With the number of cases growing globally, it does seem there is some spread within communities. Typically, cases and symptoms are mild and sometimes likened to chickenpox, clearing up without treatment within 14-21 days. A smallpox vaccination can be up to 85% effective in preventing an MPV infection.

Symptoms of MPV

Rash and blisters (first appearing on the face, palms of hands, or soles of feet) then spreading to other parts of the body.

Flu-like symptoms include:

  • fever
  • chills
  • muscle aches
  • headache
  • exhaustion
  • swollen lymph nodes
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Visual Examples of MPV

Visual examples of MPV (Monkeypox)

Photo Credit: UK Health Security Agency

Visual examples of MPV (Monkeypox)

Photo Credit: NHS England High Consequence Infectious Diseases Network

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