Policy, Advocacy, & Community Engagement

The Policy, Advocacy, and Community Engagement (or PACE) department within Prism Health North Texas is committed to pursuing policy priorities, which include issues related to the health and rights of our LGBTQIA+ community in North Texas and beyond.

Since opening our doors in 1986, Prism Health North Texas (PHNTX) has played a critical role in connecting people living with HIV to care and services in North Texas. Whether it’s in the halls of our nation’s Capital, or in the streets of Dallas outreaching to the homeless or housing insecure, PHNTX staff are actively advocating to ensure quality healthcare is accessible to all.

Policies created at the local, state, and federal levels are a critical piece of the overall puzzle that safeguards our ability to provide access to care for North Texans who are historically underserved. Thoughtful, community-informed guidelines shaped by subject matter experts create policies that best serve Texans.

At PHNTX, we strive to address issues that impact health outcomes and the overall quality of life by:

  • Collaborating with local, state, and federal partners toward shared policy and advocacy goals.
  • Voter registration, education, engagement, and mobilization in traditionally marginalized communities.
  • Providing training and education on effective advocacy practices.
  • Organizing advocates to take action on broad policy issues.
  • Creating easily understandable synopses of policy issues that affect the communities PHNTX serves.
  • Working with leadership and decision-makers to craft and implement policies and procedures that benefit all Texans.
  • Organizing targeted and public events focused on moving PHNTX policy priorities forward.

Legislative Priorities

  • LGBTQIA+ communities with a focus on transgender and non-binary individuals.
  • 340B drug pricing program/anti-discriminatory reimbursement.
  • Voter registration, education, and mobilization.
  • Intersectional issues that affect every community we serve.

Voter Registration, Education, & Mobilization

Voting is a right that every eligible US citizen should have the ability to exercise. Voting doesn’t only affect changes in Washington D.C. The ability to vote for who is sitting in the oval office every 4 years is important, however, voting in local and regional elections is important too.

Voter Engagement

A message about voter engagement from Commissioner John Wiley Price, District 3

Un mensaje sobre la participación de los votantes de la comisionada Elba García, Distrito 4

Common Questions Regarding Voting

First Time Voting / Why is Voting Important to You?

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Free condoms are provided to residents living in the following North Texas counties: Dallas, Denton, Collin, Ellis, Henderson, Hunt, Kaufman, Rockwall, Cooke, Fannin, Grayson, and Navarro.

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340B - What Is It & How Does It Help Me?

Created in 1992, the 340B program requires pharmaceutical companies to provide drugs at a discounted price to not-for-profit healthcare providers that, in turn, use their 340B savings to serve their communities. This non-taxpayer funded program allows covered entities like PHNTX to provide services such as:

  • Rapid HIV medication start (same day/same week)
  • Telehealth appointments
  • Onsite nutritionists
  • Behavioral health and psychiatric services
  • Transgender primary care for adults
  • Dermatology

Since 2010, PHNTX has been able to serve thousands more North Texans through 340B savings than relying on Ryan White alone. This program costs the taxpayers nothing and is a minimal percentage of the pharmaceutical companies’ overall budgets. For a quick 3:43 synopsis, click here.

We need partnerships with legislative advocates and community leaders to ensure we can continue to provide care to the most vulnerable. Read more about the History of the 340B Program here!

Healthcare workers
Prism Health North Texas believes that healthcare is a human right and that all patients should be treated with dignity and respect using the latest medical evidence, not political ideology.”
- Dr. John Carlo - PHNTX CEO
Januari Fox
PHNTX’s ability to provide equitable healthcare access to underserved communities is due to the support of local, state, and federal policies and programs that empower us to reach populations who are often overlooked.”
- Januari Fox - PHNTX Director of Policy & Advocacy
PHNTX stands for health equity, especially for marginalized populations, including people living with HIV, LGBTQIA+, and ethnic minorities. Every individual has the right to affordable, accessible health care and the opportunity to attain their highest level of health.”
- Dr. John Carlo - PHNTX CEO
John Wiley Price
There is no advocacy without policy.”
- Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price - District 3

Who We Are

Januari Fox Read More About Januari Fox

Januari Fox

Director of Policy & Advocacy

"Our ability to provide equitable healthcare to underserved communities is due to the support of local, state, and federal policies."

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Sattie Nyachwaya

Policy, Advocacy, & Community Engagement Coordinator

Sattie is a Community Connector and Activist for the HIV, LGBTQ and Reproductive communities.