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Payment, Health Insurance, & Financial Aid Information

Building Equitable Healthcare for All Texans

Prism Health North Texas believes every individual has the right to accessible health care and the opportunity to attain their highest level of health. Whether a patient has a low income, is uninsured, or is underinsured, there are programs available to make health care more affordable.

We accept most major health insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare. We can also help you enroll in health insurance plans through the Affordable Care Act marketplace.

Eligibility specialists are on hand to help guide you through the sliding payment fee rates, payment plans, and available programs. We are happy to discuss your options for meeting your financial responsibilities, and we will not refuse care based on your inability to pay.

Accepted Health Insurance Plans

Below is a list of health insurance plans our health centers and dental clinics accept. We offer programs that help those underinsured or who need assistance with health insurance premium payments.

If you have questions or need more insurance information, please call 214-521-5191 to speak with a dedicated Insurance Verification Specialist.

What if I Don’t have Health Insurance?

If you do not have health insurance, there are several options:

Assistance Program Eligibility

If you are uninsured, our eligibility specialists can help you find grants and government-funded programs to help lower the cost of your health care. Eligibility requirements vary between programs, but many are based on residency and income.

Each health center has eligibility specialists there to help you navigate these programs’ application and documentation processes.


How to Make an Appointment with an Eligibility Specialist:

  • Ask our front desk representative about making an appointment.
  • Call our main line at 214-521-5191.

Sliding Fee Rates

If you are uninsured and do not qualify for an assistance program, you may be eligible to receive care at a lower cost based on your household income and size. See this link to determine who should be included as part of your household.

The cost of your care is determined by where your household income lands on the current Federal Poverty Level (FPL) percentage chart.

The cost of different services is included in the tables below. The fee includes your medical visits, immunizations, and laboratory costs.

For people living above 200% of the Federal Poverty Level, you will be responsible for both the medical visit, as well as laboratory costs. The medical visit can be paid at the time of your visit, and you will be billed directly by the laboratory for any lab tests you may need.

At every health center, eligibility specialists are available to assist you in navigating the qualifications and application process for sliding fee rates. You can make an appointment with an Eligibility Specialist by calling 214-521-5191.

Billing, Claims, and Payments

For all billing/claims inquiries or to make a payment, please call PHNTX’s main line at 214-521-5191.