Feeling Tired? Fatigue Explained

Published: 03-29-2023 | 1 MIN READ | Author: Prism Health North Texas

You may feel a little rundown with the coming Spring and changing weather. What could that be? Allergies? A lack of sleep? There are many reasons why your mind and body may feel weary or tired.

One of those reasons could be caused by fatigue.

What is Fatigue?

You may be feeling fatigued if your body is feeling very low on energy. It isn’t typically linked with a concerning disease or illness, but it can give us some ideas of what is happening with our physical and mental health.

Causes of Fatigue

Some causes of fatigue include:

  • Iron deficiency.
  • Grief and depression.
  • Certain medications including sedatives and antidepressants.
  • Persistent or chronic pain.
  • Lack of sleep due to disorders (sleep apnea, insomnia, and narcolepsy).
  • An over- or under-active thyroid gland.
  • Alcohol or narcotic use.

What Helps Fight Fatigue?

Some things that can help treat a feeling of fatigue include:

  • Getting the amount of sleep your body needs.
  • A healthy diet.
  • Regular exercise.
  • Finding a better work and life balance.
  • Finding ways to relieve stress and better relax.
  • Limiting your use of alcohol, nicotine, and drugs.

Fatigue versus Burnout

Although they can feel the same, fatigue and burnout are two different states of mind. When you are fatigued, there are things you can do to rebound from the tired feelings. When you have burnout, all positive emotions seem to be pushed out by negative emotions you feel all the time. No amount of sleep can help cure a feeling of burnout.

Burnout typically stems from your career. If you are dealing with burnout seek help from other people; talk to a therapist or ask your boss or colleagues for help with your workload. Reprioritize your work-life balance. Make yourself and you-time more of a priority.



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