62 Days To LifeWalk

Published: 08-05-2018 | 1 MIN READ

Have you ever walked the 5k through Turtle Creek?

Have you ever danced on the grass of Oak Lawn Park with your community because you feel hope for the future?

That’s LifeWalk.

LifeWalk, the Dallas AIDS Walk, is the time and space where community members gather annually to celebrate progress and raise money for tomorrow. People, your neighbors, benefit from your participation. For them, your participation, especially your donation, is life changing. To them, your engagement is:

A healthier life and the possibility for a better future.

HIV is an expensive infection. The monetary impact hits even harder for the 64% of Prism Health North Texas patients whose income falls at or below the federal poverty line, which is $12,140/yr for an individual.

Can you imagine making the choice between putting food on the table and getting life-saving medication? That’s the choice Roberta struggles with each time her medication needs to be refilled. Your donations can help Roberta and others.

In a climate where funding is uncertain and new HIV infection rates are rising in youth and in communities of color, you carry more influence than ever. Get tested at LifeWalk to promote awareness of HIV and the importance of #knowingyourstatus in order to help slow the spread of HIV.

Every step you take, every dollar you give, and every friend you get involved is changing the life and health of a North Texan.

62 days. You have 62 days until LifeWalk 2018. 62 days for you to gather your friends and make a difference in your community’s health. The earlier you join, the sooner you become part of the solution.

I hope to see you there, veteran walkers and new. The future of our country’s healthcare is uncertain, but I believe in the power of you and our community.

I believe in our combined impact and sincerely thank you for all you do.

See you on October 7th! Visit www.lifewalk.org to register today.

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