Notice Regarding the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine

Published: 04-13-2021 | 1 MIN READ | Author: Prism Health North Texas

Today, the FDA and CDC issued a statement recommending a pause in using the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine to review six cases of a rare type of blood clotting disorder.

Prism Health North Texas will temporarily hold off on administrating the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine starting today. We are contacting all patients to cancel their appointments and provide options for other locations that are providing the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

Patients who have previously received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine do not need to do anything at this point, and we will provide specific information and guidance once we receive it from the FDA and CDC. The number of cases reported is exceedingly rare, so our recommendation is to monitor for any severe symptoms like headaches, shortness of breath, or abdominal pain. Please call us at 214-521-5191 or go to an emergency room if such symptoms arise.

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Author: Prism Health North Texas

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