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Published: 07-01-2021 | 2 MIN READ | Author: Prism Health North Texas

The Project Connect Team at Prism Health North Texas (PHNTX) is proud to announce the second season of their podcast, “Beneath the Briefs”. PHNTX is also proud to announce “A Calzon Quitado”, an additional Spanish language podcast that has released its first episode covering open relationships.

The North Texas based nonprofit HIV/AIDS organization produced a full ten-episode season in October of 2020, followed by a special seven-episode series about fighting HIV stigma that included two episodes in Spanish. Season two of Beneath the Briefs will continue to focus on teaching about sexual health in accessible, approachable, and fun ways.

While the COVID-19 pandemic created the perfect opportunity to launch the podcast and connect with the community at home, returning host Ana Fuentes is eager to continue expanding the show’s audience with the help of two new permanent hosts PHNTX Behavioral Intervention Specialists Dax Bennett and Devon Williams, who were guests on two of the most popular episodes of the first season.

“I really enjoyed recording with Dax and Devon as guests during season one, and I’m sure our listeners enjoyed getting to know their amazing personalities,” PHNTX Behavioral Intervention Specialist Ana Fuentes said. “Although we have similar views when it comes to sexual health, we have different life experiences, and as individuals, we can provide points of view that resonate and have a positive influence for members of our community.”

Listeners can expect this season to go beyond the understanding of what STIs are and focus on certain situations that could impact their sexual health. Topics including allergies related to sex, substance use, adulting, ghosting, and consent will be covered in English on Beneath the Briefs. A Calzon Quitado will host Spanish language discussions of the same topics along with sexuality, colorism, and other subjects deemed taboo in the Hispanic community.

“When I first started thinking about creating a sexual health podcast, one of my goals was to be able to provide the same experience for our Spanish-speaking community as I have many patients who are monolingual Spanish speakers,” Fuentes added. “Unfortunately for the Latinx community, normalizing sex talk has been a slow process, and although we have made some progress, we still have some work to do. My hope is that “A Calzon Quitado” can contribute to those efforts and provide quality information that will help destigmatize important topics, or at least share information with listeners and provide more visibility to resources that our community needs.”

Both podcasts will continue to be patient-focused, incorporating experiences of, ideas from, and needs of PHNTX patients across North Texas, Bennett and Williams look forward to continuing to apply knowledge gained from their roles as Behavioral Intervention Specialists to topics discussed on the show.

“Being able to speak to experiences from both a patient and clinical standpoint is so important,” Williams said. “By discussing topics from both sides of the table, it makes it easier to not only provide information and resources but help normalize and reduce stigma around having these conversations in the first place.”

The first episodes of Beneath the Briefs season two and A Calzon Quitado are ready for listeners to enjoy wherever they get their podcasts and are always invited to share their suggestions for discussion topics with the hosts at [email protected].

“When I think about the energy that surrounds the topic of sexual health and wellness, not only in the state that I live in but globally, it feels very panicky, weird, and ultimately distracting from the bigger picture that sexual health is not this scary, complicated thing it can made out to be,” Bennett said. “Devon and I look forward to helping the community feel more comfortable with their sexual health and the discussions surrounding it.”

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