Why Walk To End AIDS?

Published: 07-06-2018 | 1 MIN READ | Author: Prism Health North Texas

When I tell people for the first time that I work for healthcare non-profit providing care for North Texans with HIV and AIDS, the reaction from each person is the same “does that still exist? Do people still die?”

HIV and AIDS still exist.

But AIDS doesn’t have to.

In early 2016, the Undetectable = Untransmittable campaign began with over 680 international community partners. This campaign aims to breaking down stigma and promoting the education that effective HIV treatment can reduce your levels of HIV to “undetectable”, which is great for your personal health and makes you virtually incapable of transmitting HIV to your partners.

With conversation changing campaigns like U=U and the variety of medication available, a new vision arises: a world without AIDS.

Specifically, to you and I, is the vision of ending AIDS in North Texas.

We can end AIDS in North Texas. You can help end AIDS in North Texas. That’s worth repeating:

You can help end AIDS in North Texas.

Join! Through LifeWalk, the Dallas AIDS Walk, benefiting Prism Health North Texas you can advocate and fundraise to achieve a North Texas without AIDS. Prism Health North Texas is committed to meeting each person where they are with personalized expert care for their health needs. Your support and participation makes that commitment a reality.

Advocate! By spreading the message that HIV is not a death sentence, that the diagnoses can be managed like other common chronic illnesses. Advocate by encouraging your peers and circles to get tested and stay engaged on their sexual health.

Fundraise! Make your own gift then ask your friends to join you in the mission of ending AIDS in North Texas. Host a dinner party, ask everyone to contribute $20, and share the vision of an AIDS free North Texas. Fundraise by sharing that every dollar donated supports North Texans in learning their status, getting into and staying adherent to medical care.

Each dollar raised enables healthy futures for thousands of North Texans.

You can be a vehicle of change in your community. Join the community working towards the same vision at www.lifewalk.org. See you on October 7th at Oak Lawn Park.

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Author: Prism Health North Texas

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