close up image of HIV/AIDS red ribbon on a palm of a hand in front of a rainbow wall

Red Ribbon Society

Giving Generously for a Healthy North Texas

What if you could provide a person living with HIV the great news of achieving a virally undetectable status? You can as a Red Ribbon Society member. Your annual gift of $1,000 or more will flourish into a life of good health and self-sufficiency. Prism Health North Texas Red Ribbon Society members provide the foundation for patients to invest in their health.

As a Red Ribbon Society member you:

  • Educate your friends, network, and other leaders in your community to reduce the stigma of HIV/AIDS.
  • Partner with PHNTX to illuminate a future without AIDS in North Texas.
  • Contribute to person-centered care for all in your community.

Your generosity and kindness give patients access to the care they need such as behavioral health, medical office visit co-pays, and state-of-the-art facilities. Want to join in on this foundational impact?

Photo of Red Ribbon Society member Kenya Woodruff.
I give and serve because Prism Health North Texas takes people from a place of fear, discouragement, not knowing where to turn; to a place of wellness, empowerment, family and caring. And I love being part of an organization that can do that.”
- Kenya Woodruff - RRS Member
Photo of Red Ribbon Society member Mark Manley..
Whether it’s time, money or both, the key influence for my continued support of PHNTX is the hope that the individuals who receive the various levels of care and support today will someday be in a place where it's no longer necessary. Having the opportunity to use what I have been given to improve the lives of others is honestly a privilege, and I am very thankful for the opportunity to do all I can.”
- Mark Manley - RRS Member

Member Benefits

The positive change you empower as a Red Ribbon Society member starts with your personal, annual gift of $1,000 or more. As a dedicated member, you’ll benefit from:

  • Exclusive educational events to learn more about the resources and advancements in HIV treatment and sexual wellness.
  • In-depth examples showing how your investment is making a difference.
  • Personal updates from PHNTX CEO, John T. Carlo, MS MD.

Become a Red Ribbon Society Member Today!

If you need more information about the Red Ribbon Society, contact the development department at [email protected].