Illuminating Healthy Futures

Published: 12-01-2018 | 1 MIN READ

“Shanika” is an energetic, positive attitude woman. She is active at her daughter’s school, supportive of her husband’s HIV medical regimen, and takes care of several extended family members. She also has advanced HIV/AIDS putting her at risk for opportunistic infections.

The last time she was consistent with her medications was while pregnant with her daughter. She wants to take her medication for her health, but hates taking pills and medication in general.

Three months ago she met with a new Family Nurse Practitioner at Prism Health North Texas. They spent over an hour at that first meeting talking together and addressing the barriers she faced in her medication adherence. The provider was honest about her prognosis if she continued to avoid medication, but also informed her of possible new HIV regimens on the horizon – like an injection every 2-3 months.

This gave Shanika hope.

Shanika’s quarterly lab results just came in – the virus is undetectable for the first time in eight years! She will continue her oral regimen until she is able to gain access to treatment that will be easier for her – she may even be eligible to participate in the upcoming clinical trial.

Because of supporters like you, Prism Health North Texas meets patients “where they are” and continues to be there for them until they are ready to be there for themselves.

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