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Published: 11-20-2019 | 1 MIN READ | Author: Prism Health North Texas

Anthony* was the only child of a single mother who struggled to live above the federal poverty level. While life wasn’t always easy, at least Anthony and his mother had each other. However, when Anthony was 20, his mother unexpectedly died. Anthony’s grief led him to self-medicate, and risky intravenous drug use led him to a positive HIV diagnosis.

At 22 years old, Anthony was sick, unemployed, depressed, and homeless. He had tried living in shelters but was ostracized when other guests discovered his HIV status. He then turned to homeless encampments where his mental health worsened, and he struggled to maintain employment.

When Anthony first connected with Prism Health North Texas, it was evident he needed more than just medical care. PHNTX was able to provide him with HIV primary care, counseling, and intensive case management services. His case manager helped him obtain important documents, such as a Texas ID and birth certificate and kept them secured while he was living in the homeless encampment. Through the help of his case manager, Anthony received the good news. He would soon be moving into his very own apartment!

After years of living in shelters, emergency housing, and encampments, Anthony was finally given the keys to his new apartment. When he walked through that door, he could not help but smile, thinking how happy his mother would be to know he was no longer homeless.

Unfortunately, his new home has a glaring problem – there is nothing in it. While Anthony receives Supplemental Security Income to subsidize his rent and food, he does not have much left over for apartment essentials. His case manager connected him with the Dallas Furniture Bank. However, Anthony is still in need of basic necessities he cannot afford, such as pots and pans, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, a shower curtain, linens, and even a mattress.

Your support helps Prism Health North Texas provide Anthony with these home essentials – the fundamental items that differentiate an empty space from a real home.

Give the gift of home this holiday season to Anthony and others like him in our community.

Donate today to offer a level of comfort many may have long forgotten.

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*Name changed to protect patient confidentiality

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Author: Prism Health North Texas

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