Community Invited to Attend HIV Advocacy Day at the Texas Capitol

Published: 02-20-2023 | 1 MIN READ | Author: Prism Health North Texas

Prism Health North Texas invites the North Texas community to join its Policy, Advocacy, and Community Engagement (PACE) team at the annual HIV Advocacy Day at the Texas Capitol in Austin on Monday, March 27.

HIV Advocacy Day occurs in years in which a Texas Legislative Session takes place and is hosted by the PWN Strike Force, a statewide, cross-movement coalition of people living with HIV, allies and aligned organizations who act on behalf of marginalized communities in the state. These individuals come together to speak with state legislators about important issues facing the HIV community.

“HIV Advocacy Day at the Capitol is an opportunity for stakeholders from across Texas to come together and educate their elected officials about issues that the community faces to this day,” PACE Director Januari Fox said. “Although we have many tools to address the ongoing crisis, we must ensure all resources are both available and sustainable. Advocacy day gives us an opportunity to speak to these matters from a personalized perspective.”

Issues to be discussed in 2023 include:

  • HIV treatment and prevention
  • HIV education
  • HIV criminalization
  • HIV budget-medication access
  • Funding for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)

The PHNTX PACE Department will provide transportation for those interested in participating from Dallas to Austin for the day of lobbying at no cost. North Texans may sign up to attend with PHNTX at

“HIV Advocacy Day is a big opportunity for people who are living with HIV, allies, and stakeholders to amplify the sound they’ve been singing,” PACE Coordinator Sattie Nyachwaya said. “It’s a chance to use personal storytelling to introduce, remind, and educate lawmakers who hold power that healthcare, reproductive justice, and budgeting are intersectional to HIV.”

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Author: Prism Health North Texas

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